When Can You Start Buying Baby Stuff?

Buying Baby Stuff

When Can You Start Buying Baby Stuff?

Naturally, you might be wondering when exactly you should begin buying baby things. In fact, there isn’t any RIGHT answer really. Some individuals believe that it’s bad luck for a woman to begin purchasing baby items prior to they get pregnant; while other women start purchasing baby supplies even before they learn they’re pregnant. Nevertheless, if you have your mind set on buying some cute baby gear right away, then do yourself the favour and get started!

Of course, if you’re like most moms, you’ve already bought your mother a stroller. If you were lucky enough to have gotten one with a storage basket, you’ve also likely stored some baby wipes, bottles, teething toys, and such. And you’ve got some baby gear! But did you also include a baby carrier? A baby carrier helps you keep your little one safe and secure while you walk around with your newborn (or soon-to-be).

After you get a little more familiar with walking with your baby, consider adding a baby store to your weekly errand. At the very least, when you visit a baby store, you can buy more baby clothing and toys. At the very least, you’ll earn some sweet rewards!

When can you start thinking about purchasing a baby crib or a bassinet? When your newborn arrives, it will be physically impossible for you to maintain both your standard of living, and your budget. Unless you can afford to purchase a twin-size crib, and you haven’t been able to fit a crib inside your standard home, chances are you’ll be forced to rent or purchase a crib before you’re six months old.

Once your newborn arrives, there will be an endless list of things you need to purchase for him or her. First, you’ll need a crib. Then, you’ll need a baby-dressing table (for the big guys), a baby monitor, and baby toys (if you want to hold your newborn’s toys in while you brush his or her teeth…and you do). When you reach the age of six months, you can then buy your first shoes, clothes, and blankets. And, while you’re at it, why not also stock up on some diapers, wipes, bottles, and other hygiene products, as well as some toys that can keep your little one entertained while you attend to other chores at home.

So when can you expect that all the gifts you bought for your friends and family will be used by your new baby? Well, if you have any friends or family members that are having their first baby shower, they may already have some safety supplies in mind. If not, then here’s your chance to buy those supplies ahead of time so you don’t have to rush out in the middle of the party.

When can you start planning the Diaper Bag Giveaway at your baby shower? One way is to set up a contest between friends and family to see who gives away the most interesting baby bag – think about using a highchair as your prize! The winner gets to keep the bag (and maybe buy it from you if you want to get some extra baby related discounts) while the other winners get to choose from the other bags they didn’t win.

When can you start thinking about baby gear you can use for your newborn, such as high chairs and car seats? Right after your baby is born, you’ll need to buy a stroller. You don’t want to buy a used stroller, but you also don’t want to spend too much on one because most baby gear simply doesn’t last through more than three months or so. Once your baby grows into a toddler, you’ll probably still be using the same strollers you used as a baby. However, you can also use a high chair until your child is a teenager or reaches his or her teen years and needs special high chair equipment.


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